Technical Sessions


The conference program will mainly focus on the lectures and posters to the topics mentioned below:

Active noise control, Advanced measurement techniques, Aircraft noise, Auralisation, Building acoustics, Education, Environmental noise directive, Green noise control measures, Industrial noise, Machinery noise, Materials, Noise policy, Noise & health, Numerical acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Rail traffic noise, Road traffic noise, Ship noise, Sound quality & sound design, Soundscape, Urban sound planning, Vehicle acoustics (car), Vehicle acoustics (train), Vibroacoustics, Wind turbine noise

... and all other areas of noise control.

Manfred Heckl Memorial Session

At INTER-NOISE 2016 in Hamburg we will take the opportunity to revere the memory of  the many important technical and scientific contributions to noise control engineering made by Professor Manfred Heckl who died 20 years ago in Summer 1996 just one year after his retirement. A special structured memorial session will give an overview of his work and achievements as well as of their relevance to noise control engineering from then to the present today. In addition to some invited speakers of particular affinity, the session is open for contributed papers from authors who might wish to share personal and/or technical experiences with Manfred Heckl and his comprehensive work.

Structured Sessions

In addition, structured sessions are scheduled in some fields of work, where the contributions are initiated by the session chairs:

Topic Name

Session Name

Active control

Concepts and Algorithms for Active Noise and Vibration Control

Technologies and Practical Implementation of Active Noise and Vibration Control

Advanced measurement techniques

Advanced measurement methods for aeroacoustics

Advanced measurement methods for fluid acoustics

Measurement methods for noise and vibration source characterisation

Measurement of sound and vibration by optical and imaging technique

The measurement of sound and vibration in bio systems


Airfoil modifications for low noise

Duct aeroacoustic

Aircraft Interior Noise

Aircraft Interior Noise

Aircraft noise, exterior

(EU research projects on aircraft noise)


Airport community noise

Combustion noise

Computational aeroacoustic

Jet noise

New experimental techniques in Aeroacoustics


Auralisation of environmental sound

Building Acoustics

Acoustic criteria in regulations and classification/labelling of buildings

Acoustic design and performance evaluation of building envelope

Acoustics of Indoor Spaces

Applying building envelope design for traffic noise mitigation

Building Acoustics

Low-frequency sound insulation: measurement and prediction

Measurement Methods in Building Acoustics

Sound insulation in retrofitted housing: Regulatory policies and construction solutions

Structure-borne and impact noise in Buildings

Subjective Evaluation and Rating





Environmental Noise Directive

Action planning

Common issues of END

Implementation and evaluation of measures

Noise mapping

Participation of the public

Quiet Areas

Green Noise Control Meaures

Green Noise Control Measures

Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise

Machinery Noise

Noise and Vibration Control and Quiet Machine Design

Noise and Vibration Source Identification and Fault Diagnosis


Acoustics of porous media

Experimental porous characterisation  : from state of the art to standardization

Hybrid passive / active noise control

Industrial experiences of poro-elastic treatment applications

Sound absorbing materials submitted to air flow

Sustainable acoustic materials

Noise and health



Effects of interventions or changes in environmental noise levels on on human response

Effects of sound on hearing impairment and tinnitus

Effects of sound sources on annoyance

Effects of sound sources on cardiovascular health

Effects of sound sources on sleep, mental health and child development

Noise indicators and exposure assessment for health impact studies

NORAH: A German study on the effects of transportation noise in the vicinity of airports

WHO environmental noise guidelines for the European Region - what is new?

Noise barriers

Noise barriers

Numerical Acoustics

Numerical Acoustics

Product Sound quality

Perception of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: From Alert Sound Design to Interior Noise 

Product Sound Quality

Sound in Multisensory Perception and Interaction


Delight/emotional design for sound

Evaluation of steady state and unsteady sound

Modeling of auditory sensations

Psychoacoustics basis of noise evaluation

Sound in Multisensory Perception and Interaction

Sound Power

Sound Power

Sound propagation outdoors

Sound propgation outdoors


Soundscape in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape

Soundscape, Health, Quality of Life

Soundscape, Music and Ecology

Standardization in Soundscape

Urban soundscape applications

Train (noise and vibration)

Monitoring  railway noise, rail and wheel  roughness

Noise and vibration mitigation measure

Railway vibration

Rolling, aerodynamic and impact noise

Standards and policies

Tyre/road noise

Low noise pavements and tyres

Tyre/road interaction: excitation, response and sound radiation

Tyre/road noise measurement methods, standards and classification

Underwater acoustics and ship noise

Effects of noise on marine life

Noise of ships and offshore structures

Underwater- sensor calibration, facilities and procedures

Vibro-acoustics and marine applications

Urban Sound Planning

Management of recreational noise in urban areas

SONORUS - Poster Session

Urban Sound Planning

Vehicle Acoustic

Vehicle Acoustic (Car)

Vehicle Acoustic (Train)


Acoustic Black Holes: Theory & Applications for Noise and Vibration Control

Application of vibracoustic methods to noise control treatment

General Structural Acoustics

Holographic identification of vibro-acoustic noise sources

Internoise 2016 workshop on Sound Insulation of Transportation Vehicles and Lightweight Buildings

Low Frequency Numerical Methods in Vibroacoustics

Mid and High Frequency Numerical Methods in Vibroacoustics

Stochastic vibroacoustic problems: method and applications

Vibro-acoustic experiments

Vibroacoustics of composite panels

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Noise: Measurement, Modeling and Simulation